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Can You Say “Small” ?

Seeing Is Believing…

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The Joy of Cooking

I felt happy when I read on the Huffington Post that Irma Rombauer, a St. Louis widow, took her life savings and self-published “The Joy of Cooking.”

Her daughter tested recipes and created the illustrations and they sold the book from Irma’s apartment. The book is now published by Simon & Schuster.

Hope is always around!  

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USA National Dessert Day Today!

Every day is dessert day in this house!  Though I think I’ve just about heard it all now (well, maybe not), comes this tasty treat from Italy: VIAGRA Ice Cream.  Yes, something so cold can apparently make you so hot!    Maybe now I also understand Silvio Berlusconi a little bit better (not really).  What protective bubble have I been in?  Coming soon near you.

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Garlic Bashing

image by Molly Feue

 Our Friend Garlic: peeled, rubbed, roasted, marinated, chopped, bashed. 

I appreciate all of the immunity-boosting goodness Garlic imparts to us so I do not mind gently peeling back her protective skin and actually enjoy the lovely aroma on my fingers as a result.   As a caveat, though, some people may find garlic juice on their skin to be irritating so this does need to be considered.

The juiciness and glistening of the clove as I mince it into tiny bits and leave it out at least 5 minutes so the oxygen in the air stimulates an enzymatic process that releases even more beneficial reactions for our health provides a visual delight.  On the other hand, some of us loathe garlic but do appreciate generous helpings of swarthy Mediterranean cuisines full of garlicky goodness.

GARLIC: Y or N ?

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Hello World! Hungry Yet?

Welcome to Our World at Your Table: Planet Earth’s Cookbook.

All things food is the theme here!   And sometimes other things that catch my eye or interest.

What sets this apart from other food fare?  Beats me!  I just like to share recipes I’ve collected, on a somewhat regular frequency, depending on how immersed I am with work and life etc.

Well-traveled taste buds are how I reduce my carbon footprint.  Maybe you’ll soon join me on this adventure via my cookbook, Our World At Your Table: Planet Earth’s Cookbook.

Ciao for now… Susan

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