Garlic Bashing

image by Molly Feue

 Our Friend Garlic: peeled, rubbed, roasted, marinated, chopped, bashed. 

I appreciate all of the immunity-boosting goodness Garlic imparts to us so I do not mind gently peeling back her protective skin and actually enjoy the lovely aroma on my fingers as a result.   As a caveat, though, some people may find garlic juice on their skin to be irritating so this does need to be considered.

The juiciness and glistening of the clove as I mince it into tiny bits and leave it out at least 5 minutes so the oxygen in the air stimulates an enzymatic process that releases even more beneficial reactions for our health provides a visual delight.  On the other hand, some of us loathe garlic but do appreciate generous helpings of swarthy Mediterranean cuisines full of garlicky goodness.

GARLIC: Y or N ?

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