Have a Heart II !

Hello again to you!

Friends are falling ill now to the flu that’s going around; the holiday season finally catches up and demands payment 🙂

Following up on my first post about the biggest muscle, our heart, here are some other nutrients that contribute to its maintenance. Have a look at these items and give a thought to if you are / are not getting them in your diet. It’s worth investigating if you, like me, have arrhythmia. The other night I cooked popcorn and sprinkled it with cayenne powder, so I got an easy double shot of love!

1. Cayenne powder

2. Hawthorn berry extract

3. Magnesium

4. Co-enzyme Q10

5. Selenium

6. Silica

7. Vitamin D3

8. Iodine

9. Garlic

10. Vitamin C

11. Motherwort (as a tea)

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