About Me…

Hello to you, and welcome to Our World at Your Table: Planet Earth’s Cookbook!

I’m a curious home cook from a family tradition of cooking and sharing food during all of Life’s moments.  I’m also a diet & nutrition counselor, passionate about food and the role it plays in health.

All things food is the theme here! And sometimes other things that catch my eye or interest. What sets this apart from other food fare? Beats me! I just like to share items of interest, on a somewhat regular frequency, depending on how immersed I am with work and life, etc.

As a holistic health practitioner and certified diet & nutrition counselor I work with clients with specific needs. My standards are very high and my ethics are part and parcel of what I do to help a person meet their goals. Interested in a consultation with me? Send me a message.

Imagine all of the people in faraway lands that you and I will never get the chance to meet. Being an armchair traveler and foodie encourages me to cultivate a positive mind about our world in spite of everything — and to learn something about the rest of the people sharing the globe by cooking the food they eat!

In the process I enjoy what I learn along the way from searching for ingredients, getting the timing, temperature, and method right, experimenting, serving the food and raising my fork… to the surprises that await.  

Well-traveled tastebuds are how I reduce my carbon footprint. Maybe you’ll soon join me on my food adventures via my cookbook, Our World At Your Table: Planet Earth’s Cookbook. The cookbook makes a great gift for global nomads and foodies and will be available for purchase on the site, coming soon!

Here’s to you and your health! Enjoy.

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