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La Naranja Molesto

Love the subtitles  ðŸ™‚

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These Guys Love Toast…Really.

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Lemons and Babies…

Have a look  ðŸ™‚

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Absolutely Weird Dining

Hello to you. It’s a nice and sunny, mundane day. I’m flipping through a magazine and my eyes are grabbed by a tasty-looking stew. What it is served in, however, is a yellow ceramic, toilet-shaped container.

Life’s a Toilet Bowl…

This ‘delight’ is found at Taiwan’s Modern Toilet Restaurant, where you use a plate to do your business in the washroom. Hmm. It’s such a success they have a dirty dozen of them. Poo-looking chocolate ice cream anyone?

Revenge of the Wait Staff

Ah, the surly wait staff who would kill you with laser-eye beams if they only had paid more attention to developing super powers. Who hasn’t run into this at least once? Take shoddy customer service to a whole new level with Dick’s Last Resort, a US chain that gives you a giant dunce cap with something rude written on it to wear throughout your experience. Patrons can even pay money to buy a T-shirt that cries subtlety with its proclamation, “Real Women Love Dick’s”. Ooh, that’s a real stocking stuffer!

Kitty Porn?

Space-challenged city dwellers enjoy stroking pussies by the hour in Japan at Cat Cafes. Feline fanciers will have their place in London,too. MEOW.

Working for Beans

Working only two hours a day sounds pretty lush. It’s a monkey’s life at Japan’s Kayabukiya Tavern, where two macaques bring guests hot towels and drinks. Tipping them? Sure, bring soya beans. Try that with a human and you’ll get what you deserve.

Monkey Making

For more inspiring (insane) dining, visit:

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Pop Rocks!

One of the candies I ate as a kid.  ðŸ€.

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Are You In the Top 10?

At the end of each year it’s a de facto sacred tradition to look back over the past 12 months and compile lists of songs, news items, weird stuff, and things you loved and hated in the year coming to a close.

In homage to this tradition I present to you (or maybe your ancestors?) some Foods Named After People.  Personally I already have a condiment tray, the Lazy Susan, named after me and that’s a pretty tough act to follow… but if you want to create something delicious and name it after me, please be my guest!

Beef Wellington

Peach Melba

Cobb Salad


Salisbury Steak


Pizza Margherita

The Earl’s Sandwich

Fettuccine Alfredo

Caesar Salad

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