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Absolutely Weird Dining

Hello to you. It’s a nice and sunny, mundane day. I’m flipping through a magazine and my eyes are grabbed by a tasty-looking stew. What it is served in, however, is a yellow ceramic, toilet-shaped container.

Life’s a Toilet Bowl…

This ‘delight’ is found at Taiwan’s Modern Toilet Restaurant, where you use a plate to do your business in the washroom. Hmm. It’s such a success they have a dirty dozen of them. Poo-looking chocolate ice cream anyone?

Revenge of the Wait Staff

Ah, the surly wait staff who would kill you with laser-eye beams if they only had paid more attention to developing super powers. Who hasn’t run into this at least once? Take shoddy customer service to a whole new level with Dick’s Last Resort, a US chain that gives you a giant dunce cap with something rude written on it to wear throughout your experience. Patrons can even pay money to buy a T-shirt that cries subtlety with its proclamation, “Real Women Love Dick’s”. Ooh, that’s a real stocking stuffer!

Kitty Porn?

Space-challenged city dwellers enjoy stroking pussies by the hour in Japan at Cat Cafes. Feline fanciers will have their place in London,too. MEOW.

Working for Beans

Working only two hours a day sounds pretty lush. It’s a monkey’s life at Japan’s Kayabukiya Tavern, where two macaques bring guests hot towels and drinks. Tipping them? Sure, bring soya beans. Try that with a human and you’ll get what you deserve.

Monkey Making

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