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Love Food Hate Waste

Hello to you on this May day.

This non-profit organisation, Love Food Hate Waste, has great resources, recipes, and tips to make the most of the food we buy, saving us money and food.

It’s pretty outrageous, the amount of perfectly good food that simply goes to waste, and completely unnecessary. Isn’t it good sense to make the most of your hard-earned money by using all of the food you buy? I think you’ll agree so do read further below, visit their website, and make the most of your food starting today!

To your health (and wealth),


Every year in the UK we throw away £12 billion worth of food which could have been eaten. The Love Food Hate Waste programme from WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) which shows that by doing easy practical everyday things in the home we can all waste less food, which ultimately benefits our purses and the environment too. If we all stopped wasting food that could have been eaten, it would have the same environmental impact as taking 1 in 5 cars off UK roads.

Love Food Hate Waste has lots of delicious recipes to use up leftovers, handy hints and tips for storing food to make it last longer, a portion calculator to help you cook the right amount, and information on what food date labels mean. There is something for everyone, whether you are a keen cook, or simply want to reduce the amount of food which you throw away.

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